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About Us
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The goal of OMSA is to promote youth soccer and teamwork through its annual tournament, local high school scholarships and other soccer donations.


The Old Mill Soccer Association (OMSA) was formed in 1994 as a non-profit organization sponsoring youth soccer in Will and Kankakee Counties. We began with 12 teams for the age groups of U10, U12 and U14 boys/coed from the founding towns of Beecher, Grant Park, Manteno and Peotone. Later all girls teams were added for U10, U12 and U14. In 2005, U8 teams were invited to participate in a special “Founders Classic” and U8s have been included ever since. 2012 & 2013 included an Adult League consisting of four teams after featuring an exhibition game in 2011. The tournament continues to be improved from our experiences and has grown to 40+ teams with over 550 participants.


OMSA gives back to the community of Peotone by offering scholarships to high school graduates who have been active in soccer in grade school and high school. OMSA has contributed a total of $32,500 towards 66 scholarships since 2002. Recipients that have received up to $500 scholarships for continuing education at the college level include:
Year Name High School
2023 Ethan Graham Beecher
  Tucker White Herscher
  Jacob Diedrich Manteno
  Kyle Coners Peotone
2022 Lexi Scroggins BBCHS
  Danielle Piper Peotone
2021 AJ Graham Beecher
  Logan Lunsford Herscher
  Jacob Robinson Manteno
  Lauren Hamann Peotone
2020 Chrisian Nietfeldt Grant Park
  McKenna Evans Peotone
2019 Kate Bireline Beecher
  Jacob Jones Beecher
  Maddie Brown Herscher
  Alyse Crowe Manteno
  Ian Hamann Peotone
  Nikki Miller Peotone
2018 Carli Rickson Peotone
  Cole Evans Peotone
  Austin Jacobson Grant Park
  Alexis Keener BBCHS
  Allesandra Varela Kankakee
2017 Trevor Mahood Peotone
  Tyler Bireline Beecher
  Ethan McGregor Herscher
  Megan Schaeffer Manteno
2016 Jacob Minock Peotone
  Grace Kleindienst Peotone
  Sonny Rodriguez Bradley Bourbonnais
  Dante Marin Kankakee
  Matt Lebeda Reed-Custer
2015 Connor Clausen Grant Park
  Hannah Giroux Beecher
  Leighton Howard Herscher
  Stacy Garrard Peotone
  Paige Novak Peotone
2014 Lauren Kenealy Manteno
  Mary Lanove Manteno
2013 Lindsey Eckman Peotone
  Kayla Paeth Peotone
  Alexandra Radulovic Peotone
  Andrew Slazk Peotone
2012 Tony Gill Peotone
  Jeremy Lensing Peotone
  Alec Mullvihill Peotone
  Julia Perri Peotone
2011 Siobhan O'Neil Peotone
  Tyler Paeth Peotone
2010 Kara Mayer Peotone
  Skyler Thomas Peotone
2009 Chelsea Gruca Peotone
  Robert Polacek Peotone
2008 Amber Olbrot Peotone
  Tyler Mayer Peotone
2007 Jessica Gruca Peotone
  Alec Panici Peotone
2006 Ryan Murray Peotone
  Trisha Rehfeldt Peotone
2004 Britney Oliver Peotone
  Nate Oliver Peotone
2003 James March Peotone
  Jason Thomas Peotone
2002 Kathleen Heinrich Peotone

Community Contributions

  • 2003 - $2500 to Peotone School System Save Our Students Program (SOS). This contribution helped offset the funding of extracurricular activities that year in the junior high and high school.
  • 2003 & 2004- Opportunity for the USSA Girls Fire Team to raise funds with a ticket raffle. The girls were from Manteno and had participated in the Old Mill Soccer Tournament earlier in their soccer careers.
  • 2008 - Donated a new set of goals at a cost of $4500 to the Peotone Park District.
  • 2011 - Donated new soccer goals and nets to the Peotone High School and 2 soccer team shelters to the Peotone High School Soccer Program at a total cost of $9600.
  • 2012 - Contributed another set of goals at a cost of $5000 to the Peotone Park District.
  • 2014 and 2015 - $1000 donation to the Peotone H.S. Soccer program.
  • 2019 - $10,000 donation to put in an electrical line that provides permanent electricity to power the scoreboard for the Peotone High School soccer field.

OMSA Officers

  • Justin Schroeder - President
  • Christine Rodriguez - Vice President
  • Dan Younker - Treasurer
  • Amy Younker - Secretary

Contact OMSA

PO Box 847
Peotone, IL 60468
Phone: 708-607-2345
email: oldmillsoccertournament@gmail.com